What is Parenting Coordination?

  • Parenting Coordination is primarily used in high-conflict cases to help co-parents navigate their Parenting Plan and resolve disputes without having to continually return to court.
  • A Parenting Coordinator is a neutral third-party that is usually appointed by the court with very specific guidelines and instructions.
  • A Parenting Coordinator will serve in several roles, including that of educator, facilitator, and when appropriate, decision-maker.
  • The primary goal of Parenting Coordination is to reduce the conflict between the co-parents that is harmful to the children.


What are the advantages of Parenting Coordination?

  • Parenting Coordination can help you and your child(ren)’s other parent learn new ways to effectively co-parent for the benefit of your child(ren).
  • Parenting Coordination provides for quick resolution of daily parenting conflicts. You do not have to wait months to get a court hearing.
  • If you and your co-parent cannot reach an agreement on a parenting issue, the Parenting Coordinator will make the decision for you (if allowed for in the Parenting Coordination Order).
  • Parenting Coordination costs much less than litigation.


What will happen during Parenting Coordination?

  • The first step in Parenting Coordination is the initial assessment and information gathering.
  • After the initial assessment, the Parenting Coordinator will work with you to set goals and determine the next steps.
  • In the beginning there may be frequent meetings with the Parenting Coordinator. The frequency of the meetings will decrease as the level of conflict decreases and goals are met.


How much will Parenting Coordination cost?

  • I charge $225 per hour for all time necessarily expended on the parenting coordination case, including but not limited to: reviewing court documents; reviewing and responding to emails; phone calls; time spent meeting with the parents; drafting agreements; etc. Fees are typically split equally between the parties. The Parenting Coordination Court Order usually addresses how fees are to be split.
  • A $5,000 retainer will be due at the start of the Parenting Coordination process and must be replenished when the balance nears zero. If there is a balance remaining at the conclusion of the Parenting Coordination process, the balance will be refunded.
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